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The First Scandinavian Drive Thru Fast Food Restaurant Is Now In Jordan!
Ned's Pizza
American style authentic Pizza, at the highest Quality
Dates Box
Dates & nuts, stuffed in a box! For orders & delivery.
Chopsticks & Taj Mahal
Chinese Food with an American Twist
The Highest Quality Ingredients and Fresh Dishes Directly To You!
The Cakery
A family run kitchen offering homemade desserts & savory selections
Official Cloud Kitchen based in Amman, Jordan MULTI-CONCEPT I ONE DELIVERY | YOUR CHOICE
Casper & Gambini's
An internationally franchised restaurant-café with regional headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. The...
IVY Shop
Up-to-date, quality products with a responsive and trustworthy customer service team - with Ivy...
The Big Slice
American NY Style pizza!
Choco Martian
Your Favorite Homemade Belgian Chocolates
Don Poio
The one & only Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken joint in Arabia. We slow roast/ smoke Pollos with...

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